Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rodgers has no choice, but it should cost him his job

Brendan Rodgers is not a bad manager, but he's young and still has to learn from his mistakes.  Unfortunately, Liverpool may not be the club for him to do so.  We are a 'second tier' club right now and if you think any different, you have no idea how good City, Chelsea, Barcelona, Madrid, and Munich are.  Can we get back to that level? I'm not so sure, I don't know if we have the money to do so.

Rodgers realized what the biggest problem was early on and it's the most important issue that all clubs must deal with first if they plan on being contenders.  It's a set-back and a huge hill to overcome, but must be answered first before anything else.  We had to get better on defence and we did.  You cannot blame little mistakes as bad defence, but those things will fix themselves as the whole is acknowledged.

Rodgers isn't an idiot, he understands the game.  He realizes we need to score to win, but he also realizes that we need to prevent our opposition from scoring first and foremost.  We are coming around to this and have played much better defence the last few matches, but it may be too little too late.  He should have done this from day one of training and not five or six matches into the season.

He has bought poorly.  He has failed to make sure defence is first priority.  He has failed to inspire his side.  He starts Joe Allen.  We are not good enough to finish in the top four, we will be out of the Champions League in due time, and I don't give two farts in the wind about the FA Cup and the League Cup.  This is not my Liverpool and he's had his chance.  Time to move on.  I heard Michael Laudrup is available, he can't be much worse.

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