stats definitions

p90 - The amount of games a player has theoretically played when their total minutes is divided by 90.
chances - Passes that lead to a shot on goal
npgp90 - Non-penalty goals scored per 90 minutes played
gcp90 - Goals created (goals scored plus assists) per 90 minutes played
ccp90 - Chances created per 90 minutes played
ap90 - Assists per 90 minutes played
ccv - Chance created value - percentage of chances that leads to goals
tccv - the ccv for an entire club, most likely for a particular season (full or in progress)
pass% - successful pass percentage
bp% - back pass percentage
crp90 - successful crosses per 90 minutes played
cr% - successful cross percentage
lbp90 - successful long balls per 90 minutes played
lb% - successful long ball percentage
tbp90 - successful through balls per 90 minutes played
tb% - successful through ball percentage
sacc% - shot accuracy percentage - percent of shots that are on target
shot% - percentage of shots that become goals
TTI90 - theoretical amount of 'true' turnovers a player has per 90 minutes, a 'true' turnover is whenever the ball exchanges position to the opposition.  For instance, dribbling out of bounds or taking a bad shot.
tTTI90 - the average per player (sans keeper) TTI90 for a season (full or in progress)
gap90 - The amount of goals scored by the opposition while a player is on the pitch
gsp90 - The amount of goals scored by one's own team while a player is on the pitch
gop90 - The difference of gsp90 minus gap90
tgop - The average margin of a team's goal diferrence, goals scored minus goals allowed divided by amount of games played
gopd - The difference of a player's gop90 and his club's tgop
tp90 - tackles per 90 minutes played
t% - successful tackle percentage
intp90 - interceptions per 90 minutes played
clrp90 - clearances per 90 minutes played
dribpp90 - dribbled past per 90 minutes played
bsp90 - blocked shots per 90 minutes played

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