Saturday, November 1, 2014

Newcastle 1, Liverpool 0: Rodgers should be on thin ice

It's getting old.  We are not good enough to challenge for even a Champions league spot and that's becoming more apparent by the match.  Bad buy after bad buy has made a mockery of what we had last year and it has nothing to do with what we lost, but more with what Rodgers has failed to bring in.

For all those Suarez apologists, take note of Barcelona's record since he's been eligible.  They have lost both matches if you don't understand what I'm getting at.  Also take note of what I've said, posted, and proven, that Suarez contributed just one measly meaningful assist last season and not a single goal he scored ended up being significant.  Don't believe me? Prove me wrong, I researched that to the death and know it's the truth.

We should have bought the players that Southampton bought instead of the ones we bought from them.  I've stated that before though.  Lallana and Lambert are Championship level players and they've proven it over and over again this season.  We should have bought Tadic, Pelle, and Mane, but no, instead we bought a disco dancer and an old man.  Great job, Rodgers, also, way to go on Balotelli, who's nothing more than a lazy, self-serving loser who will never understand how to be greater than himself.

Today's loss just further exemplified why Liverpool will never return to days of old.  Say goodbye to Sterling because he's gone after this season.  Why would he stick around and be criticized for being a 19-year-old who can't carry a club?  He sees how fans ridicule Markovic and the Serbian is only a year older.  It's not his fault we wasted millions on Adam Lallana and Rickie Lambert instead of inventive, pace-endowed players.  I would leave too and would try to get Coutinho to follow.

Our Premier League season is over, might as well accept that.  It will be a miracle if we finish in the top five and with Champions League looking bleak as well, we might as well hope in pray for the League or FA Cup.  Love those 'accepting we're second-rate' celebrations.

As for the match today, well, we were horrid.  Very few positives came from it.  Even Gerrard had an off-day and I have a hard time saying anyone played 'well'.  The only positive that I can draw from it was that they needed an error and a little luck to get the goal and win, but that's becoming commonplace lately.  We can play great defence for 89 minutes and 59 seconds, but that one second does us in.

I've said it once and I'll scream it from the rafters, we are a mid-table side as long as Joe Allen is a major contributor.  That pretty much says it all.

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FortheRecord said...

I absolutely agree - this was one of the worst matches I've seen. You can almost tell Liverpool is NOT going to win the game in the first 15 minutes in the way they play. What they hell are they so tentative? The stats say they got 64% possession but 50% of this 64% was played back and forth between the back 3. Every other team seems to be able to make it to the final third but LFC seemed to dread playing beyond the line.

I hold no illusion of finishing in the Top 4. They played worse than relegation teams and at the rate they are playing, they will end up in the bottom heap. BR seems to have lost the plot and the players with it.

The only thing now is to avoid total humiliation at the Calderon tomorrow night. Lose big time and lose to Chelsea this weekend will be truly down the slippery slope to total mediocrity and another dark age for the club.

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